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Karibu Kenya. …..Welcome to Kenya

We offer two kinds of possibilities:

  1. Retreats with the holistic body, mind and soul approach. Write for dates:

2019:  November 15.-24, December 15.-25 (You can extend the stay if you wish)

2020:  March 13.-22. (You can extend the stay if you wish)

  1. Rent this beautiful Paradiso Helena Villa in secluded surroundings any time of the year.

Retreats in Diani Beach in Kenya

By Helle Feddersen, founder of the Lifemaster concept. 38 years of experience.

Join us to a fantastic retreat experience to the “Paradiso Helena Villa” in Diani Beach. Diani Beach is located south of Mombassa on the Indian Ocean in Kenya. In an extremely safe environment, I will guide you through an amazing experience.

We all live in Paradiso Helena Resort in a total serene spirit, our local host, Raymond, also lives here.

If you like we will be cookinng together in the evening so you also return to your home country with new inspiration to eat more vegetarian foods. We will mainly live of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and the clear water, swim in our pool, enjoy life in Paradiso Helena in the sun beds, get a lot of sleep, take a walk down to the most beautiful sandy beach and swim in the turquoise sea. Plenty  opportunity for solitude also, if you wish. The main focus, of course, is the Lifemaster Intensive Program, so you will return to your everyday life much lighter in both mind and body. You will feel high on life.

About Lifemaster Intensive Program

The Lifemaster Package consists of 8 x morning session (1.5 hour) (peptic, stretching and Qigong), 4 x individual stress release treatments (30 min), lecture “The holistic man” (2.5 hour), 8 x evening session (2 hours) (gymnastics , yoga and meditation).

The area on the Kenyan coast

We will fly to Mombasa on the east coast of Kenya. And then take a taxi directly to Paradiso Helena Villa through Mombasa, use the small local ferry and continue further south to Diani Beach. An interesting tour, where you will experience a bit of Keynas diversities. Diani Beach is just like Miami in Florida. The scenery is beautiful, the water and the temperature pleasant all year round. Here are quiet and luxurious villas and hotels and small local and primitive houses and villages. Friendly and welcoming local Kenyans with the wide smile with “jambo” form everyone. The largest nearest town is Ukunda and if you wish to go on a safari the closest is Tsavo East. This is  also a fantastic experience. The area is full of palm trees, coconut trees and burguinvillas.  For sure it is a very beautiful experience for the eye and for the soul.

Not including:

A two day safari trip to Tsavo East with an overnight stay. Price approx. 280 euros with pick up in Paradiso Helena.

If you want to eat fish it is extra cost.

If you want more treatments, a small excursion on a motorcycle, rent a motorcycle, rent a bike, rent a motorcycle including a local driver, a tuc-tuc, snorkelling, diving, a guided hike around the small local villages or learn to kite surf. It is one of the best kite surfing coasts in the world.

You might want to Take any extra summer clothes, sandals and sneakers, toys etc. to give away. It is received with great gratitude by our neighbors in the area.

Join me for an unforgettable trip.

About Paradiso Helena Villa

Paradiso Helena Villa is a scenic paradise with room for up to 10 people. Paradiso Helena Located idyllically surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden in the authentic Kenyan nature approx. 800 m from the white beaches and the turquoise blue Indian Ocean. We all live here and enjoy this gorgeous place. Paradiso Helena has on the ground floor three large double rooms, two large bathrooms and under the 27m high roof of palm leaves our lovely open living room area / open kitchen and pool are all surrounded by 10 x 3m high white columns. The first floor has two balconies and can accommodate 4 lovely sleeping areas. The wind is making sure that there is a cool breeze through the rooms at all times. We will be enjoying life on sun loungers, lying on the couch, enjoying the birds, eating the meals, reading a good book or just being aware of the silence. There are also many small terraces and two balconies on the 1st floor where you can enjoy silence and the most beautiful view to the unspoiled authentic Kenyan nature. You can also take a dip in our small lovely fresh swimming pool of 8×2 m2 or you can walk, ride or rent a bike to the Indian Ocean.

It is unique, safe and peaceful.

Price for 10 days is approx. Euro: 1.900

This includes visa to Kenya, plane tickets, taxi transfer to Paradiso Helena, shared large double room, vegetarian meals and the Lifemaster Package, which consists of 8 x morning session (peptic, stretching and Qigong), 4 x individual stress release treatments, lectured ”The holistic human being ”, 8 x evening session (gymnastics, yoga and meditation). If you are dancing Argentine tango or would like to try, I would like to give lessons and we can dance for an hour in the evening or on the white sandy beaches. You can jump on the back seat of a motorbike to get to the beach or walk through beautiful authentic nature(25 minuttes) and great the local people  “jambo” (hello). Would you like help in buying a visa and air ticket feel free to contact me.

Rent this beautiful Paradiso Helena Villa in secluded surroundings any time of the year

Welcome to an authentic esthetic unusual experience in Paradiso Helena. We are located o.8 km from the Indian Ocean in the beautiful nature. Walking distance, or you can rent a bike or a motorbike to Beach.

In Paradiso Helena you can have a very safe total experience of the Kenyan Life.

From the moment you land in Mombasa you will feel safe and in good hands. You will be picked up by our taxidriver and taken to Paradiso Helena. It is a 1,5 – 2 hour drive and it is like stepping into the Paradise Garden. Raymond, our local man will always be there to greet you and will be your host during your stay. When you are attending the Lifemaster Health Package Week, Helena will be there as well.

Paradiso Helena is a beautiful cottage created and built by a partnership between Helle, Helena,  Feddersen from Denmark and Raymond Msavarie Kazao from Kenya, in the summer of the year 2017. The purpose of this project was to create business for the local people and at the same time opening up for the returning of tourists to this beautiful tropical area of the world. It is a true paradise with a superb climate all year around. Sunshine and warm rain in a few months throughout the year to keep nature green, so you can grow your own vegetables and fruits in the garden. The population here is very friendly, loving and smiling.

On the property there are 3 houses, a main house, and two jungle houses.

The main house is 308 square meters and consists of 3 big bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms, a large open kitchen and dining area connected with open terrace for relaxing and a nice swimming pool. The swimming pool is 2m x 8m and 2 m deep and the water stays refreshingly chilly because it is underneath the huge macuti roof. The main house is roofed by a large macuti roof with the height of 26 meters in the middle. Upstairs you will find a 72 square meter open area with a view to the macuti roof, the terraces and the pool. A decorative black iron ladder is connecting the ground floor to the first floor. On the first floor you will also find two balconies with a gorgeous view to nature around you and to the African sunsets.  The best quality and local materials have been used everywhere.

The 3 bedrooms are 20 square meters each and are equipped with one double bed, which can easily be separated into two single beds.  If needed there is 76 square meters upstairs where you can easily have 10 people sleep. Upstairs you also find two large balconies facing south and west. So the main house can host 6 -16 guests.

The two bathrooms are 8 square meters each and have a shower area, toilet and sink all in galena stones which is the local stone. Everything is in the same raw style, Italian style,  that is the unique characteristic of Paradiso Helena.

An elegant “jungle house” of 60 square meters is situated privately in the corner of the property, hosting one bedroom upstairs, balconies in 3 directions for beautiful views and downstairs you will find a kitchen/ living room area and a large bathroom area and terrace, all very stylish. This is a cute house for honeymooners, writers, painters or just to have a unique house for the holiday in Africa. Here you have an experience of being totally authentic in the beauty of nature and at the same time enjoying the exclusive and esthetic little “bungalow”.

The “jungle house” is a bungalow of its own and can host 2 guests.

The property also has one mini “jungle house” for enjoying the nature, peace and beauty, mainly for the guest of the main house.

On the property there is also a garage, a storage room, our own well, water tower, machine house for the swimming pool, two outdoor sinks, outdoor shower before jumping into the pool to cool you down. You can also use the outdoor shower after coming back from the beach.

The entrance to Paradiso Helena is a unique black iron gate. There is a tall wall of natural stones decorated with bougainvillea surrounding the property and for top security there is an electric fence on top of the wall, which is common for elegant and expensive cottages here in Diani.

You can easily come to the beautiful paradise beach on a bike. It is a 5 minute ride or you can walk to the Beach in the authentic local nature in 30 minutes. You have the possibility of renting motorbikes or you can have a taxi or motorbikes to come and pick you up.

The Diani Beach is endless kilometers of white sand and the Indian Ocean has all year round beautiful greenish/ bluish warm water. There is a reef that makes it safe. The wind and water makes it a perfect area for kite surfers especially in December, January and February. Here you can go for long walks in the sand, go swimming for hours, wind surfing or kite surfing or kayaking. Maybe take a ride on camels, enjoy your lunch, a fresh juice or coffee on one of the exclusive or bohemian cafes or restaurants on the beach, go snorkeling for experiencing the colorful fish or just enjoy the nature.

The garden is planted with flowers and bushes and there is grass all over. Our garden is full of bougainvillea, a lemon tree, an apple tree, a mango tree, an orange tree, an avocado tree, banana trees, papaya trees, flowers, green bushes and we grow of our own vegetables.

Raymond Mvsarie Kazao is the manager of Paradiso Helena and he will, as mentioned, be your host in all matters while you stay in Paradiso Helena.

He is the gardener, the housekeeper, and also the cook if you would like that. He can help you find your way around in the area, help you go the market to buy groceries and he can be your local guard in the night. He is local and is very well respected by the people in the area.

From Paradiso Helena you can also go on a 2 day safari, Tsavo East, to see the wild animals or go diving to see the beautiful life in the Indian Ocean. We can arrange anything you want as a tour in the local village areas, a night to the local dancing bar, a trip to the Congo river etc.

Raymond can manage everything in Paradiso Helena.

The area is amazingly beautiful and a short distance from the ordinary tourism in the area.

In building the Paradiso Helena we have used only local people and therefore you will find a loving and friendly energy in the project Paradiso Helena.

The cottage Paradiso Helena is perfect for a big family, for a group of friends, for vacations, for retirements for the winter, for a unique business trip for your employees, for retreats etc.

During your stay we can assist with the following services or information of where to find it. We try to keep the prizes as low as possible because our friend Raymond is local.

Ask for prizes:

  1. Pick up taxi from the airport to Paradiso Helena
  2. Rent of bicycles or motorbikes
  3. Call for a motorbike with a chauffeur
  4. Going shopping in Ukunda
  5. Arrange safari to Shimba Hills or Tsavo East, snorkeling, sailing, kite surfing classes, kayaking, diving etc.

You need a visa to visit Kenya and it is easy to get on     A single entry.

You will need some vaccinations. Talk to your doctor.

There is very few mosquitos .

You can bring Euros or Dollars and it can be exchanged here by Raymond to the best rate or bring your visa and withdraw from the International Bank.

For questions about the Paradiso Helena

Contact Raymond Msavarie Kazao on one of the following medias:

  1. Facebook: “Raymond Kazao Msavarie”
  2. Call for free on messenger on “Raymond Kazao Msavarie”
  3. Call the Kenyan mobile: 00254 799847213 on Whats App (free of charge)
  4. Send an email:,

For questions about the Lifemaster Health Package

Contact Helle Feddersen on Facebook or send a mail to

We welcome you to Paradiso Helena. Please write or call Raymond for further details.


Helle Feddersen and Raymond Kazao Msvarie


The main house

200 euros for the whole main house /night for up to 6 people. If you want more madrasses and mosquito nets it is extra.

The “jungle house”

75 euro for the jungle house per night

Food and drinking water

15 euros for vegetarian meals/ day plus extra if you want fresh fish or you can go shopping and cook yourself.

Health Lifemaster Package

8 days: consisting of 1½ hour of peptalks, stretching, relaxing, breathing and Qigong in the morning

2 hour of gymnastics, yoga and meditation in the late afternoon

2½ hour of a speech in The holistic Man…selfhealing capabilities

4 individual stress release bio energegic treatments


600 euros for 8 days for the Health Lifemaster Package

Plus: 45 Euros including a single bed in a double bedroom plus food and water /night.

Helle Feddersen is an argentinian  tango dancer as well both follower and leader if you like dance tango or learn to dance tango.

Retreats in Paradiso Helena in Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya

All year I offer my professional experience in a vacation from 1 -16 people in Paradiso Helena, Kenya.