Welcome to my universe, welcome to Lifemaster, where you will find focus on happiness, energy and wellbeing.  Inspiration and motivation are everywhere on my Lifemaster website. Look around and become inspired to take responsibility for your own life right now. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Born: 1956
Graduated from High School: 1975
Studying medicine at the university of Copenhagen: 1976-77
Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa, USA, 1981
Published the book: Lifemaster – A lifestyle: 2014
Created the concept: Lifemaster
Organizer and leading the retreats
Clinic in Charlottenlund, Denmark

We all wish to master our own lives. That is in your professional career, in your love life and families, and in health, both body and mind.
Lifemaster is an approach about handeling exactly these areas and take responsibility for the most important matters in your Life.
Everyone knows that it is about Lifestyle. And most people know that it is difficult to stick with the changes of good intentions. It is too easy to return back to old habits. The Lifemaster approach is a package of very efficient tools, to establish a permanent change in your lifestyle.

“Lifemaster – A Lifestyle”, written and published by holistic chiropractor Helle Feddersen, is based on more than 30 years of professional experience. The Lifemaster lifestyle has focus on bioenergetics stress release treatments, Qigong, energy and yoga exercises,meditating, breathing, strengthening of muscular exercises, stretching, resting, fresh air, fresh vitalised water, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Helle Feddersen offers the reader the knowledge of the chemistry of the body and fysiological reactions of food, exercise, thougths, and emotions and she suggests certain exercises to change the behavioral pattern.

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