You are laying on a couch with all your clothes on. Together we will find the most stressful emotion in your mind. The stressful emotions are irritation, anger, sadness or anxiety or fear. I will help you get hold of the individual emotion , you feel it and reinforce it. At the same time, I touch different points and areas on your body thus releasing the energy. The energy blockage dissolves and energy will become free flowing again.

The nutritional advice makes it easier to feel the emotions, thus when the body is not occupied by overload of digestion you can feel your own feelings. Together, these factors will allow your body to become whole again and start the self healing process, the innate ability we were all born with. The mind has to be at peace in order for it to happen.

We all have the potential to heal when the mind becomes peaceful and the body is not overloaded by stimulants and heavy and improperly composed diets. Painless and simple and very effective. Nature is simple.